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23 November 2007 @ 06:41 pm
Well I am out guys,
Peace and good luck to you all!
29 July 2006 @ 03:08 pm
Well, I figure it's much too hot out to do anything with the horses, so I might as well update!!!
First of all, I apologize, I have not been on here much lately, and I have about a million friends updates to read and comment on, so bear with me, it shall be done!
Anyways, not too much to report, went to a horse show on saturday, and kicked ass, lol I only say that because I didn't like the people I competed against, considering two of them are my ex and his slut of a gf! HEHEH So I am tres happy with those results! Shadow and I are doing really well together right now, and Oreo is always such an awesome horse! I am very excited to see what happens at IPE!
Well anyways Erin and I had such a sweet ass tim in town yesterday, considering that I got off two and a half hours after I should have, it was awesome!We were in town from.erm 5-10:30?? HAHA so we had pretty much the funnest night ever! You will see when she posts what really went down! HAHAH Well thats enough for me, I have nothing mroe to really right about, unless I want to vent about certain things, but I will vent to my mom, lol so I dont need to put you all thru it! It's very standard and tedious stuff really! SO anyways adieu, my finely feathered frieds!
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20 June 2006 @ 09:50 pm
So I have been thinking , and I not sure it will be easy, but I HAVE to do it, whether I want to or not, but it will hurt, hell I knew it would right from the start, but when do I ever listen to myself? Why did i get myself into it? *slams head on desk* why?why?why? I guess I will never know, but it will be gone in a little while won't it? Ive almost completely gotten over the last time! Its, just, I really don't know, I cant even tell anymore, And I am trying too hard, I need to relax, it would have worked better it I had been relaxed. But I do it EVERY time, it just happens and then I kick myself later.....Well, it wasnt supposed to happen, and the scenarios in my head, are just that, scenarios, and they will never happen, becase in time I will forget! I just need time.....Please, just make it painfree and easy! That's all I ask, please give me time and I will be almost as good as new, although there will be a piece missing, where the momories were, and will always be...
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